Onder Invloed is a video project by journalist and filmmaker Matthijs van der Ven. The project title is Dutch for ‘under the influence’. Since June 16th 2008, Onder Invloed filmed numerous international musicians covering their favourite bands in sessions and at Onder Invloed live shows. The first Onder Invloed book was published in January 2012 by publisher L.J. Veen.

Matthijs van der Ven (Photo: theinfluences.com)

Matthijs van der Ven (Photo: Paul Tasker / theinfluences.com)

The idea for the project started in the summer of 2007, while reading Bob Dylan’s ‘Chronicles‘. Dylan writes about the musicians who’ve been an influence to him in his younger years. Reading this, the idea came up to ask musicians to cover their favourite bands or singers, on camera. The project started on the 18th of June 2008.

Onder Invloed lets readers and viewers discover new and old music, of both the musicians who’ve recorded a session and the musicians who’ve been covered. It’s a personal project, which shows in the selection of musicians who are invited to record a session or to play live.

The sessions are mostly recorded in The Netherlands, with a couple of exceptions like a series of sessions in Glasgow, Scotland. Some are acoustic or even unplugged, others are fully amplified. All that matters, is that the musicians are sincere in their choices for songs they love. It’s as simple as that, passing on their enthusiasm for certain musicians and songs.

Originally a writing journalist, Matthijs van der Ven has written his first book, which is titled ‘Onder Invloed’ which has been published by the well-known Dutch publisher L.J. Veen in January 2012. In the book, Van der Ven writes about 17 Dutch musicians, describing their lifes and musical careers, and the experiences and people that influence their music.

Live shows
Onder Invloed has organized live shows in The Netherlands and in Scotland. Musicians played unique live sets at the Onder Invloed nights, with a mixture of covers and their own work. In the past, there have been shows at EKKO in Utrecht, The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, 013 in Tilburg, Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam, Hedon in Zwolle and De Spot in Middelburg. Onder Invloed also hosts – or has hosted – nights and stages at several festivals, like Into The Great Wide Open (Vlieland), Festival aan de Werf (Utrecht), Grasnapolsky and Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel.

Please send an email for more information, session possibilities, collaborations or anything else.