Onder Invloed organizes live shows in The Netherlands. On special occasions, musicians play unique live sets at the Onder Invloed events at Café de Stad in Utrecht The Netherlands, with a mixture of covers and their own work.

Upcoming events

MARCH 31: Jelle Paulusma & VanWyck – Café de Stad, Utrecht. / tickets

JUNE 2: Bertolf & A New International – Café de Stad, Utrecht. / tickets

Recent past events

JAN 13: Judy Blank, Love Like Birds (BE) & Theo Sieben – Café de Stad, Utrecht.


DEC 14: Emme Woods, Fiskur, Lenzie Moss, Michael Cassidy & Tommy Reilly – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow Scotland.

OCT 21: Doghouse Roses, Demi Knight & Gregory Ackerman – Café de Stad, Utrecht.

JUNE 24: Marien Dorleijn (Moss) & Peter & Carol (Bettie Serveert) – Café de Stad, Utrecht. // ONDER INVLOED’S 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY // Sold Out.

MAY 6: Tom Brosseau (USA) & Christopher Paul Stelling (USA)  – Café de Stad, Utrecht

MARCH 25: Case Mayfield & JARA  – Café de Stad, Utrecht

FEBRUARY 11 : Anne Soldaat & Postcards From Mars – Café de Stad, Utrecht / sold out


OCTOBER 29: Anthony D’Amato (USA) & Maurits Westerik – Café de Stad, Utrecht

SEPTEMBER 18: Alasdair Roberts (UK) & Emma Gatrill (UK), Café de Stad in Utrecht. more info

JUNE 11: Tim Knol & Ryan Joseph Burns (UK), Café de Stad in Utrecht. more info

MAY 29: Cale Tyson (USA) & Fiskur (UK), Café de Stad in Utrecht. more info

MAY 27: Caledonia, a mini festival in Rekken, The Netherlands. more info

APRIL 23: Songs From Dan & Sir Ian, Café de Stad in Utrecht. more info

FEBRUARY 19: Awkward I & Helge, Café de Stad in Utrecht.more info


DECEMBER 18: Christof & Demi Knight, Café de Stad in Utrecht. more info

OCTOBER 16: Paul Tasker & Theo Sieben, Café de Stad in Utrecht. more info


Onder Invloed also hosts – or has hosted – nights at venues like:

The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, Scotland
EKKO in Utrecht
U ROCK! Cafe in Utrecht
Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam
013 in Tilburg
Hedon in Zwolle
De Spot in Middelburg

We have hosted stages at several festivals:
Into The Great Wide Open
Festival aan de Werf (Utrecht)
Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel

Every show will be filmed and recorded by Onder Invloed, and parts of them will be published on the website.

The line-up for each night will be announced right here on the page as soon as they’re confirmed.

They played live at Onder Invloed:

Anne Soldaat
Postcards From Mars
Anthony D’Amato
Maurits Westerik (Bewilder)
Alasdair Roberts
Emma Gatrill
Ryan Joseph Burns
Tim Knol
Cale Tyson
Helge Slikker
Awkward I
Demi Knight
Paul Tasker
Theo Sieben
A New International
Lea Kliphuis
Washington Irving
Ryan Joseph Burns
The Colour Of Whiskey
Pronto Mama
Alistair Ogilvy
Iona Macdonald
Alasdair Roberts
Les Johnson And Me
Duglas T. Stewart (BMX Bandits)
Keaton Henson
Eefje de Visser
Meindert Talma
Leine (Klarälven)
Saint Helena Dove
Idiot Glee (USA)
Color Reporters
Jacco Gardner
Beans & Fatback
High The Moon
Joris Dee
Janne Schra
Marike Jager
Hospital Bombers
David Pino (El Pino And The Volunteers)
Doghouse Roses (UK)
Theo Sieben
Bettie Serveert
Lucky Fonz III
The Kik
Rebecca Sier
Roy Santiago
Arthur Adam
The Seventeenth Century (UK)
Rue Royale (UK)
Ryan Joseph Burns (UK)
Maarten Kooijman
Case Mayfield
Three Blind Wolves (UK)
The Seventeenth Century (UK)
Hallo Venray
Daily Bread
Peter Katz (CAN)
Chop Wood
Kim Janssen
The Hype
Nat Jenkins (UK)
Saint Jude (UK)
The Black Atlantic
Alamo Race Track
Lilian Hak
Rob Klerkx
Charlie Dee
The Starlets (UK)
The Horse Company
The Secret Love Parade
Awkward I
Anne Soldaat
Tim Knol
Marien Dorleijn (Moss)
Michiel Flamman (Solo)
Ro Halfhide
Most Unpleasant Men
Steve Savage (USA)
Davie Lawson (UK)
The Cosmic Carnival
Maurits Westerik