The album ‘Traditionals II’ is out now. You’ve seen videos of some of the songs appear on this website over the last six or seven weeks, but in this post all the videos are lined up, including a 14-minute documentary on the making of the album. Also, don’t forget to visit the new website for album:

Making of ‘Traditionals II’

Jelle Paulusma – Good Shepherd

Theo Sieben – Red Rocking Chair

Janne Schra – A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Lucky Fonz III – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

Peter te Bos – Danny Boy

George Baker – Frankie And Johnny

Carol van Dyk – The Black Velvet Band

Torre Florim – It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad

Case Mayfield – Stepstone

JB Meijers – In The Pines

Carol van Dyk & Lucky Fonz III – Banks Of The Ohio

Jelle Paulusma – All My Trials

Theo Sieben – Pretty Polly

‘Traditionals II’ has been a collaboration between Onder Invloed and In A Cabin With.